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Some articles do not exist yet because:

  • I made but did not document the project
  • I have not gotten around to writing an article on the project yet
  • The project contains sensitive data such as locations and can not easily be documented publicly

The YouTube and mp3 player used on this site requite that you have Adobe Flash installed.

Avi's Projects

30w RGB composite illuminated.png
100W LEDs XY stepper drawing Determining power LED specifications
Fidget spinner thumb.jpg
Fidget spinner motors Alternator as a motor Generating PAL
Stm32 breadboard front.JPG
Photographing heat Halloween 2016 STM32 adapter proto board
Stm32 matrix front.JPG
LED matrix adapter board FPV250 Quadcopter x666 Quadcopter
projected scan single sensor camera 2 64x32 RGB LED matrix IoT Real-time GPS logger
Stiched music punchcard.png
Punch card music decoding Analog video decoding with a micro 32x32 RGB LED matrix
Head tracking quadcopter control Relay transformer tap selector RC 4WD V2
Visualising airflow DIY numitron
Addressable RGB chanukiyah QAV400 quadcopter build MiniQ 4WD FPV robot
3 phase motor complete.JPG
DFrobot pixy.jpg
13 prop shaft coupler2.JPG
Building a 3 phase motor Colour following robot Quadcopter repair
WS2812 tape pov.JPG

Led matrix sensor.JPG

iPhone quadcopter control conversion WS2812 RGB LED tape slow POV 8x8 LED matrix camera
Wifi miniQV1.JPG

40w led reflector.JPG

Earth hour mains.jpg
MiniQ 4WD programable buggy 40w Cree LED Earth Hour Mains Analysis

Solar flair.jpg

7seg shifter board digit insertion2.JPG

Detecting solar flares using a GPS 6.5 inch 7 segment driver boards 2012 to 2013 New Year Countdown

DSC 2825.JPG

Solar pump thumb.jpg

DSC 8344.JPG
IPhone Charger Solar powered 24VA AC pump fountain 50w solar panel testing

DSC 8489.JPG

DSC 5753.JPG

Candle making thumb.jpg
xenon tube flash Spectrometer Candle making

DSC 5487.JPG

DSC 8721.JPG

Protocol chart.jpg
Power meter 7 segment LED watch fault tolerant wireless protocol


projected scan single sensor camera GPS number pov wheel

DSC 0951.JPG

Speed of sound thumb.jpg

2011-2012 countdown thumb.jpg
Arduino compatible board Speed of sound and distance measurment 2011 to 2012 new year count down

Chanukiya colour cycling 1.JPG

20w solar panel.JPG

TV remote.JPG
RGB chanukiyah Solar Panel testing (10w) IR Universal Remote

GLCD board bottom complete with lcd.JPG

STM32 stamp to touch screen graphics LCD breakout board VLF switchmode boost convertor

Prop tester.JPG

Pov clock thumb.jpg

IMG 1182.JPG
3 phase motor and propellers POV clock Sound activated flash photography

DSC 8318.JPG

IMG 9477.JPG
Keypad entry frequency generator Pre-amp PWM board

IMG 9456.JPG

2009-2010 countdown thumb.jpg

IMG 8284.JPG
Humidity activated extraction fan 2009 to 2010 New Year Countdown 10W SSC P7 LED

Flash audio player thumb.jpg


Itunes lcd thumb.jpg
Flash audio player Wireless Weather Monitoring iTunes song names on a 16x2 ASCII LCD


IMG 6556.JPG

IMG 6195.JPG
66cm x 11cm Tesla coil (solid state) Cubical quad antenna R2R DAC

Picture 10.jpg

IMG 0721.JPG

IMG 6972.JPG
LED light sensor Audio amplifier (class B) 12v split rail power supply

Lifter flying thumb.jpg

My electrostatic lifter (shared editing)

Information and Learning

Collatz arithmetic.PNG
Calculating Pi Collatz conjecture
Geometric series.PNG
TTS numbers thumb.jpg
And gate.jpg
Geometric series Text to speech (numbers) Logic Gates
DSC 0139.JPG
Stm32 block diagram.png
Why you should not buy cheap multimeters Nikon D3100 Quickstart Usage Guide Microcontrollers & the STM32


Crossover distortion.jpg
MIDI protocol DMX512 lighting protocol Learn about circuits with my interactive tutorials

(circuits by me (see circuit menu), java circuit simulator by Paul Falstad)


My YouTube channel
Visual Basic .NET code reference (shared editing)
STM32 microcontroller referance (shared editing)

For contact details, see About link at the very bottom.